About The Goddess

I’m The Gourmet Goddess.  Anyone who writes a food blog is passionate about food and everything related to food, so what can I tell you?  I cook, I teach cooking, I cater, I perform cooking demonstrations and do speaking engagements on food and flavors.  That’s my culinary arts side, but my other “art side”, is that I was, until very recently, a docent at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, in Hartford, CT.  The Wadsworth Atheneum is the oldest public art museum in the country and it has some very wonderful and surprising art.  You need to come for a visit.  I am in transition…no not THAT kind of transition, we’re in the process of moving from Connecticut to Florida.  It will certainly be a change for us, but change is good.  It is essential to keeping us on our toes and making us more flexible people.  And it gives us an opportunity to shovel the “stuff” we drag into our lives that really need to be purged every now and then…so I’m purging and changing!!!!

You should also be aware that The Goddess has a past.  Yes, she’s a woman with a deep, dark past.  She grew up on a farm on the prairies.  We raised our own meat and planted a huge garden.  It gave me a clear and wonderful appreciation for hard work…really hard work, and good food.  My family, on both sides, had wonderful cooks, mostly women, who were intelligent, well-read, extremely capable, funny and all excellent cooks.  They were an inspiration to anyone who had the good fortune to know them.

I am married to a wonderful, charming, intelligent man of Cuban descent, who enjoys the food I prepare and makes me coffee whenever I want it…I am blessed.  We have 3 charming and intelligent sons who are involved with equally charming and intelligent young women…we are blessed.  We have the good fortune to know, share meals and conversation with a group of wonderful friends…we are blessed indeed!

I believe when people don’t like to cook, it’s because they think it takes too much work, and it does take some time to prepare food well.  Or it’s because no one has helped them understand why they are doing things in a certain way, a certain order or using a specific tool, and sometimes there’s a real reason and sometimes it’s just “because that’s how things were done back in the day”.  I want to help you journey through that wilderness, sort out what’s important and what you can ignore.  I want you to be able to experience and enjoy preparing meals.  One other thing, sit down with you family for a meal; make the time; make it happen, because your children will grow-up all too fast.  By making time, you let them know their value and you will pass on to them the importance of spending time with each other.  Slow down, smell the chicken roasting!

Come spend time with me.  Ask me questions about any cooking-related query you might have.  You can ask me about other things, too, but I may not have a very good answer for you…so, you may want to stick with food-related questions.  It’s safer.

I believe, whole-heartedly, that life is one constant stream of learning.  At least, I hope it is.  I believe there are no silly questions and there are definitely no stupid questions.  I can guarantee you that if you are wondering about something, others are wondering the same thing.  Ask, and I’ll answer.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out and we’ll both learn something new.

So that’s who I am.  Now, what do you want to cook?