Florentine Pork Roast with Garlic and Rosemary


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Florentine Pork Roast with Garlic and RosemaryA pork roast is a thing of beauty.  It’s also delicious.  You know The Goddess has never met a cut of pork she didn’t dream about, and then devour.  This is based on a pork roast we ate in a little trattoria in Florence, Italy.  Maybe it was the place in time, the fact that “The David” was nearby, or that we’d walked for hours, but I don’t think so.  I think it was a fabulous piece of pork, beautifully flavored with rosemary, thyme and garlic.  Continue reading

Mushroom-Leek Bisque with Thyme & Bacon Bits


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Mushroom-Leek Bisque with Thyme & Bacon BitsThe Spicy Honey loves his mushroom soup.  Usually, he’s happy with the canned stuff, but this is so simple to make; it is really soooooo delicious.  I thought I probably should share the recipe.  Because, you need to make this.  Continue reading

Banana-Coconut Cake with Rum


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Banana-Coconut Cake with RumThis is a light, but moist cake, with a nice pure flavor and a great texture.  It doesn’t have an over-pronounced banana flavor.  It’s subtle.  And it’s tropical, with bananas, coconut and rum.     Continue reading

South-of-the-Border Bean Salad (or Salsa)


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South-of-the-Border Bean Salad (or Salsa)You’ve heard about Texas Caviar, Cowboy Caviar, Bean Dip or whatever, right?  You  probably make it or at the very least, have eaten it.  This isn’t exactly that…it’s really a riff on my mother’s Three Bean Salad and we could consider it “friends” with my Three Bean Salad with Potatoes and Corn.  What makes this salad different?  It has those lovely Tex-Mex flavors.  I’m not a big fan of beans and rice, but give me a bean salad and I’m there to the very end…of the bowl!  Chips are good, too.  Continue reading

Hangover Eggs–They’re Worth the Headache!


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Hangover EggsThese eggs are quick to prepare and delicious…just what you need when you’ve over-imbibed…or just ‘cuz they’re damn delicious.  So, order another sangria!  Or not…these are a great breakfast, no matter what your condition. Continue reading

Schug (Yemeni Hot Sauce)


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Schug (Yemeni Hot Sauce)Move over chimichurri!  This will be your go-to sauce for the summer.  I found this over at the Tasting Table.  Those folks come up with some amazing dishes, it’s not surprising to find this gem on their website.  And this most certainly is a gem.  Continue reading

Mediterranean Bean, Sausage & Kale Souppa


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Mediterranean Bean, Sausage & Kale SouppaThe Tuscans have their Ribollita.  The Galicians have their Caldo Gallego.  The Lisbonites have their Caldo Verde.  And we, have this “Souppa”.  Most cultures have some similar soup, a simple, nutritious, inexpensive and delicious soup or stew, using what’s on hand. This is peasant food, at its very best.   Continue reading

Tuna-Avocado Ceviche


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Tuna-Avocado CevicheYesterday The Goddess very pointedly told you not to use oily fish for ceviche.  Clearly, she’s not to be trusted.  Because today, here she is, using tuna in ceviche.  So, it turns out that tuna (and I have used salmon—horrors!) is really quite lovely in ceviche.  Continue reading

Touch-of-Spring Ceviche


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Touch-of-Spring CevicheWith the heat of summer around the corner, and sort of already here in South Florida, (though it is raining today) I decided it was time to make ceviche.  Ceviche is probably the quintessential summer (read “hot weather”) dish.  But, the thing is, it is barely springtime, so I thought some spring fruit might be a nice addition.  Maybe even some diced sugar snap peas or asparagus…. Continue reading

Ham & Cheese Filled Crêpe with an Egg Top Hat


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Ham & Cheese Filled Crêpe with an Egg Top HatThis is a fun little breakfast or supper dish.  I got this from the folks over at Serious Eats.  Those people are geniuses.  This is a slightly different way of folding the crêpe than we normally see.  But, delicious these are. Continue reading