Rants & Other Ramblings

This is the area where you’ll find The Goddess pulling out her soapbox or going off on some tangent that’s struck a nerve.  Read these at your own risk, as you will either agree with me or more likely want to run screaming, naked through a pineapple patch rather than read whatever subject I’ve gone off on.  It happens.  Pull up a chair, fix yourself a coffee, sit down, relax and you’ll be fine.

This is the Gospel according to The Goddess.  These are my opinions.  If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine.  But, please, please have your own opinions and know why you have them.  Not just because my best friend thinks this way, or my spouse or lover thinks this way, or my parents think this way.  Figure out what you think and know why.  I was educated by the Jesuits for awhile and they want you to think about things.  Question things…always question things.  Know why you believe or think the way you do.  Then, remember to every now and then, take a look at your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc about various subjects, be they personal, political, public, whatever.  Do a little soul-searching or at least self-examination.  Because every now and then, we need to walk in the shoes of others, before we decide they’re crazy, or misguided or wrong.  Maybe, just maybe there’s something we aren’t seeing.  Please, see.  At the very least, be open to other’s ideas and circumstances.  That’s it…that’s all there is to this post.  Now was that so bad?

1 thought on “Rants & Other Ramblings”

  1. mary romelle caspers pelletier said:

    Finally! I can enjoy all your news and chats. I had to call C. to get the info but now you are in my book!! Cousin Mary Romelle from PA.

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