Deer in the BackyardSanta’s deer (a.k.a. rodents with hooves!) are bedded down for a little nap in our backyard.  The Christmas rush has slowed, probably because of all the food consumed…The Goddess thinks she may be in a coma.  And look!  She’s smiling.  But, that could be because The Spicy Honey (aka The Latin Lover…remember?) is by her side.  Christmas Full MoonDid everyone enjoy the stellar gift of a full moon on Christmas?  It was lovely, wasn’t it?  This is the best picture I was able to get…but you get the idea, right?  Sorry…The Goddess is rambling, yet again.  We hope it’s been a good holiday season for you and yours.  With the New Year upon us, The Goddess roused herself from her food coma and began to think about this said “New Year”.  And naturally, her thoughts turned to those resolutions some of us are fond of.  As you may have guessed, she’s never been a resolution maker herself.  There’s no point in making a list of the things she intends to change, when she knows she has about as much chance of this list coming to fruition as a snowball has of surviving Hell, or of having uncluttered counter tops and a weedless garden.  It’s just not going to happen.  BUT…you knew a “but” was coming, didn’t you?  You’re way too smart for your own good, you know.  BUT, if in a moment of coma-induced weakness she were going to make such a list, she would hope to be wise enough not to put things like removing coffee from her diet, or cleaning her oven once a month, on said list.  These come under the heading of “never in this lifetime”.  But, because there are those who think about such things, and make no mistake, she applauds their gumption, but she hopes her list would be something like this:

  1.  Smile more and say “Hello” to total strangers.  You just never know when someone is having a bad day and we all know how much nicer a day can be when someone smiles and says, “Hi”!  Besides, the bonus for you, is that people will wonder if you just got “lucky”!
  2. Have more of an appreciation for what we have. Just look around you.  You’ll find someone you appreciate, and better yet, want!  That’s a much better “want” than a new blender!
  3. Worry less about what I didn’t get done today.  Tomorrow is absolutely another day.  Today you read a book, wrote an email, or had coffee with a friend.  That’s a better gift to both of you than the eradication of dust bunnies in the hall closet.  They will still be there tomorrow, which did I mention, is another day?
  4. See people as they are and not as I perceive them to be.  Biases…Get rid of them; we don’t need them.  Biases aren’t at all helpful and they cause all sorts of problems.  They are doing nothing to make us better, happier people.  If we can’t get rid of them, then at least, let’s put them aside…like outside, near the garden shed, behind the old grill; out of sight and hopefully, out of mind.
  5. Fully embrace change.  This is a big one for me.  We’re going through some changes in our lives right now, and while I truly believe (and say) that change is always good, now I need to get on board the “Change Train” and take seat, not just watch the train go by.  Change is inevitable and it is good.  It keeps us on our toes.  It exposes us to new things, new ideas and most importantly, new people come into our lives.  It’s always good to have new people enter one’s life.  I don’t know about you, but a new friend is a thing of beauty, a soul to be explored and someone to just be able to laugh with.
  6. Be a better friend.  This one is attainable.  There is always something more I can do to be a better friend, a kinder and more accepting friend.  Sometimes a real friend has the distasteful responsibility of telling me, The Goddess, “You’re being a bitch.  Stop it now!”  I need to be okay with that, too.
  7. Be more generous with your time.  The Goddess knows that you already give until it hurts, but she’s into that sort of pain!  Charities need monetary donations, but they need volunteers, too.  We need volunteers to read to the blind or to help other adults who missed out on the chance to experience a great book, learn to read.  Giving your time is difficult for most of us, because we all have precious little free-time.  Sharing time with a friend who needs your ear (and perhaps some of your wine!) is some of the best time you’ll ever “waste”.
  8. Be more patient.  This is an ongoing battle for me.  I’ve never been as patient as I should be.  Since my mother is no longer here to remind me to be more patient, I’ll have to put my big girl panties on and do it myself.  Patience builds character and who can’t use more character?
  9. Don’t sweat the small stuff; learn to let things go.  Ruminating over things that have been done to me, is pointless.  It’s a waste of precious time.  I could be reading a wonderful, trashy book.  And I’m telling you, people who can’t let go of things, they don’t age well.  Anger and all that goes with it, simply isn’t healthy, and as we age, we want to be as healthy as we can possibly be.  So, if for no other reason, do it for your prolonged good health, but release the garbage from your life.
  10. And finally…realize that it is ALL small stuff.

Now that’s done and we can bring in the New Year.  Who know, maybe The Goddess will at least take a stab at numbers 4, 5, and 6…it could happen.

Icicles in New EnglandMay you have a warm and wonderful 2016.  Enjoy the final days of this year and say “hello” to a new beginning.  On New Year’s Eve, I always enjoy  thinking about the future year, and moving forward.  About the bend in the road of life, with its unseen possibilities…and I smile.  Life is good.

Happy New Year!