A Cache of Acorns on Fall Leaves

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s for everyone, no matter who or what we worship, no matter where we come from or what language we speak around the table.  Those that come to these shores, embrace this holiday.  They make it their own, bring their traditional foods and customs with them.  It’s what being an American is all about.

As we join with friends and family to celebrate, let’s remember to take some time to talk to each other.  To listen to each other.  It’s a gift to be a good listener and you learn so much.  The Goddess is working on being a better listener.  This has been such a divisive year, politically speaking, that friends and family have stopped talking to each other.  We’ve stopped listening to each other.  But, we all know we haven’t really…not really, stopped loving each other.  So, as we break bread together today with friends and family, don’t be afraid to bring up these differences.  Tell the person next to you or across the table from you, “I love and respect you”.  I know that sounds sappy.  Come on, you know it does, but everyone wants and needs to be loved.  We have to start some place.  And remembering why these people around our table are important to us, in the first place, isn’t a bad place to begin again.

Yes, there is a lot to be thankful for.  There always is.  Sometimes we have to search a bit, but we eventually find it.  This year, The Goddess and The Spicy Honey are having their Thanksgiving in sunny South Florida.  A “tropical” Thanksgiving always takes a bit of adjustment for The Goddess, but alas, it’s easier to adjust when we are together.  We are better together.  Most families are better together.  The sharing of food and memories is restorative.  It really is the major reason to celebrate.  So eat, share, laugh and love and above all have a Happy Thanksgiving.