Thanksgiving is a time to join hands around the table, share a meal offered with love and make memories for future generations.  It is the quintessential holiday, for Thanksgiving knows no religion.  Thanksgiving is love and sharing and eating!  Thanksgiving is the least commercial holiday, apart from sales on turkeys and pumpkin pie. We are blessed to have always had good food, in abundance.  Perhaps too much.  But, it really isn’t the quantity of food that makes Thanksgiving so special, it is the quantity of love around your table.  So, pass the potatoes and gravy, eat an extra piece of pie and reminisce, argue (good-naturedly, please), praise the cook/cooks, have a nap, and of course, football!  Please just remember that these are the people who are special to you, that love you and care deeply about you…and that’s all you need.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!