All Natural, Clothesline Fresh Laundry SoapThe Goddess has been holding out on you.  Does it help that her intentions were good?  No, huh.  Okay, fine….We have the good fortune to live next door to a real Renaissance woman of mystical proportion.  She makes the most amazing laundry soap and scrubs.  She’s a wonder.  First, I want you to know a bit about her.  We’ll call her The Mystical Maven from Maine.  She’s a proud Maineiac.  She’s sharp; not much gets past her.  She’s beautiful inside and out; she knows who she is.  She’s a wife, mother and grandmother and does in-home day care.  She’s kind and tolerant, a rare commodity these days.  She has a wickedly rich sense of humor, sense of self and she’s a great cook.  She’s clearly creative and positively mystical…see what I mean?  She is the real-deal Renaissance woman…and she lives next door to me.  So she has patience, as well.  And on top of all of that, she makes these natural products like this laundry soap; we’ll call it “Clothesline-Fresh Laundry Potion”.  Clothesline Fresh Laundry PotionShe puts this magic in a simple Mason jar…a quart; this does 64 loads of laundry!  You’re doing the math right now, aren’t you? All you need for a top-loading washing machine, is…are you sitting down?  Just 1 tablespoon!  I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true.  That’s it.  Just 1 tablespoon will clean an entire load of clothes, so it’s economical, too.  And then there’s the scent.  Oh my Goddess, it makes your clothes smell like they’ve been hanging on the clothesline, drying in a wafting, spring breeze.  I’m serious…this stuff is incredible.  Other people give wine when they are invited to dinner, but The Goddess gives a Mason jar of “Clothesline-Fresh Laundry Potion” to a very grateful host.

Then, there’s the texture.  Clothesline Fresh Laundry PotionIt is creamy and unctuous.  The Middle Son is all about texture.  Clothesline Fresh Laundry PotionHe and I think it feels like a cross between buttercream and whipped cream (that’s where the food angle comes in!).  You’ll want to lick your fingers!  Clearly, I love this stuff and I use it.  I no longer buy anything else.

Gardener's Sugar Hand ScrubMy other favorite thing The Mystical Maven creates is “Gardener’s Sugar Hand Scrub”.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely detest wearing gloves in the garden.  It’s the latent farm girl in me, but I like to actually put my hands down into the soil.  Needless to say, fingers and cuticles get nasty dirty.  This scrub is so good.  It smells of wintergreen, but I think The Mystical Maven also does a citrus-scented scrub.  Gardener's Sugar Hand ScrubIt’s gently gritty and Gardener's Sugar Hand Scrubit lathers like crazy; that lather is from maybe half a teaspoon of scrub!  Once I rinse my hands they are soft and smooth, which is perfect, because working in the soil dries my skin out like parchment or dry leaves…crunchy dry.  Not a good look for a Goddess.  She does a bug repellent cream, and several other equally wonderful creations.

So, if you want to try this and you really should, The Mystical Maven will sell you some.  She’s working on getting things set up so you can purchase directly from her, but if you’re interested, you live in the Northeastern US, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her.  She may be able to send this elsewhere, but that’s up to her.