For Love and Food CaféIt’s amazing where a wrong turn can take you!  It was a stroke of luck.  I turned around in the parking lot of “For Love and Food Café” in Enfield, CT.  Why wouldn’t you want to eat at a place called “For Love and Food Café”?  It was a great decision.  This is a great little place.  If you live in the area, you really should try it.  If you don’t, I guess you can fly or drive in and it is worth it.  It’s primarily sandwiches and salads with and assortment of different versions of mac and cheese thrown in for good measure.  The sandwiches come with chips, but order the garlic-parmesan fries (well-done, thank you very much!).  They were wonderful.  Nicely crispy with tons of garlic…what’s not to love?

"For Love and Food Café Menu"It was a tough choice.  The sandwiches all sounded terrific, and their “Grace Under Fire” sounded darned good.  Now mind you, this is just a fraction of the sandwiches available, but I do so love Bahn Mi.  So, I ordered the Bahn Mi with garlic-parmesan fries.  Bahn Mi with Garlic-Parmesan Fries from For Love and Food CaféThe Bahn Mi has pork belly with Sweet Teriyaki sauce on it.  It was sublime.  Sweet and the pork belly was crispy, but still tender and juicy inside.  Look at those strips…they’re making you  hungry, aren’t you?  Garlic-Parmesan Fries from For Love and Food CaféTake a look at those fries.  Look at that garlic…you gotta’ love all that garlic.  I always order fries ‘well-done’.  I hate wimpy, wilting fries.  My solution:  Well-done fries for me, if you please!!  These were perfect!

Giant Heath Bar Cookies from For Love and Food CaféNow, a girl doesn’t live by Bahn Mi alone…even when it’s this good.  When I ordered lunch at the window, there was this lovely stack of Heath Bar Cookies.  I’m certain I heard them whisper my name, so I decided to order one.  Normally, sweets don’t really do it for The Goddess, but this was a breakfast and lunch combination meal for me, so I thought of the Heath Bar® Cookie as breakfast part…you know, since I was drinking coffee.  Does that concept work for you?  It worked beautifully for me!  Giant Heath Bar Cookies from For Love and Food CaféThe cookie was crisp, but moist.  Sweet, but not too sweet.  Look at those bits of crushed up Heath Bar® and just the perfect foil for a good cup of strong coffee.  Perfection, indeed.

So race out to your car now and drive yourself over to “For Love and Food Café” for either breakfast or lunch.  They’re open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, but they are closed on Mondays.  There’s shopping nearby, so you could go for breakfast, shop for awhile and then return for a late lunch, just before they close!  I think we have a plan here!!!

  • For Love and Food Café
  • 117 Hazard Avenue
  • Enfield, CT 06082
  • (860) 749-0813