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This was breakfast today!  What can I say?  The Goddess tends toward leftovers for breakfast and rarely does she do breakfast-type food.  This was a surprisingly fabulous combination.  Since we just made our Simply Delicious Sloppy Joe’s, we had leftovers.  We also had some leftover Aunt Emma’s Pimento Cheese Spread…hmmm…I wonder.  Well, wonder no more.  This was a terrific combo.  Why wouldn’t it be.  And I was thinking with the Super Bowl coming up fast and furiously, this might be a nice option.  So, to that end….

I’m not going to give you a formal recipe, but rather just “splain it to you, Lucy!”

I toasted a good bun, put a good schmear of Auntie’s Pimento Cheese on the bottom, a good mound of Simply Delicious Sloppy Joe meat and of course, slices of raw onion.  I used a sweet onion and you could certainly add some slices of jalapeño peppers, if you want a kick.  Then dig in and enjoy!

I hope your team wins, but either way, this is truly a winner!