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018It’s Saturday morning and this is the perfect weekend breakfast.  It’s basic.  It’s pure.  It’s rich.  It’s simple.  It’s incredibly delicious.  Rumor has it this is a hot “new” thing these days.  My mother would be thrilled to know that for decades, she was ahead of her time.  This is how I learned to eat an avocado.  I know this will come as a huge shock to many of you, but avocados aren’t grown on South Dakota farms.  Go figure…something about the cold and climate….  But every now and then, they would show up in the market and my mother would buy one.  It was her little treat for herself.  Fortunately, she shared with me.  There’s just something about a perfectly ripe avocado, eaten this way, that’s pretty, well…perfect.

There is no recipe for this.  It’s toasted bread, a dead-ripe, buttery avocado, and salt and pepper.  Since I can’t leave anything alone, I do drizzle just a bit of spectacularly flavorful olive oil over it.  Again, SURPRISE!  We don’t have olive trees on South Dakota farms either, so that really wasn’t an option back in the day.

004I have learned a reasonably easy way to put the avocado on the toast.  Many of you probably do this; it just seems logical, but I usually see chefs scooping out the pulp.  You don’t need to do that.  Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit; I usually do wash the avocado, to rid the skin of any nasties.  Place the half, cut-side down, on the toast

005and just squeeze it out.  Simple, right?  Why didn’t I think of this before?

013Now, mash it up and spread it around.  This is the perfect sharing breakfast or snack, because one avocado serves two people perfectly.  Yes, you could eat both halves on one slice of toast, but then the balance, the feng shui of cuisine, is off and we don’t want that, do we?  Besides, you want to savor each, lovely bite and not be overwhelmed.  And besides, whomever you decide to share this with will be in your debt for life, which is a good thing….

018Season with several good grindings of salt and pepper, then a little drizzle of the best tasting olive oil you have.  The olive oil is by no means essential, but it adds a nice freshness to the overall flavor.

019Now take a bite…savor the buttery, unctuous avocado and the delicate crunch of the toast.  Let the salt and pepper, the fruitiness of the olive oil hit your tongue and spark you taste buds.  Isn’t that just incredible?

022Go ahead, take another bite…Is that not pure heaven, Nirvana-on-a-plate or a totally orgasmic experience?  Sometimes the simplest things truly are the best.  Go, right now, and buy some more avocados….