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Cuban-Style Black Beans à la Pressure Cooker, UnsoakedFirst of all, you’re going to need to read through the recipe for Cuban-Style Black Beans à la Pressure Cooker, because I’m not going to give you a recipe, because it’s the same.  This is about technique and cooking times, using the pressure cooker feature on my multi-cooker…it’s a wonder, I tell ya’….The ingredients for these beans are the same—smoked meat, these are neck bones (you may use smoked hocks), chorizo slices, bell pepper, garlic, onion, Mexican oregano, cumin, bay leaves and of course, black beans.  Unsoaked Black BeansFirst, you need to pick over the beans, to find any split beans and every now and then, a little rock or two.  Yes, it happens that a little rock can sneak in with the black beans.  After you pick over the beans, dump the beans into the insert and wash the beans.  Black Beans with Soaking WaterCover the beans with about 2-3 inches of water.  ChorizoSlice the chorizo, and add to the pot, along Cuban-Style Black Beans à la Pressure Cooker, Unsoakedwith the smoked pork neck bones, spices,  herbs and bay leaves.  And half the sofrito…ah yes, the sofrito.  SofritoThe sofrito is essential to Cuban food.  It’s simply onions, bell pepper and garlic, sautéed in olive oil until softened.  I use red bell pepper, but I think green bell pepper is more the norm.  I just prefer them, as they have a lovely sweetness.  It freezes well and it’s just plain good added to many mixtures.  I add half the sofrito now and the rest will be added later.  Now, you pretty much proceed as you did in the Cuban-Style Black Beans à la Pressure Cooker.  I cooked the beans for 7 minutes, under HIGH pressure.  Then, I let the pressure come down naturally for 20 minutes.  The beans were not quite as soft I ultimately want them to be when they are done.  There will be quite a bit of liquid on the beans, and will need to be reduced.  I add the remainder of the sofrito, the additional seasonings given in the original recipe and Cuban-Style Black Beans à la Pressure Cooker, Unsoakedsimmer, until the liquid is reduced to just above the top of the beans and the beans are soft to the bite.  Taste and correct the seasonings.  You may need to add additional salt.  I remove the pork neck bones, let them cool until I can handle them.  Then I pull the meat off the bones and stir it into the beans.  Let the beans cool completely before you refrigerate or freeze them.  Now, make the Cuban elixir, mojo (pronounced:  mo’-ho) to pour over the top…totally delicious.