Roasted Cauliflower with Pears and Bleu Cheese


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Pears and bleu cheese have a natural affinity for each other.  They are a perfect pair (pun intended!), so to speak.  But, you might be rather surprised to learn that they’re also up for a threesome, with that sexy minx, cauliflower.  Continue reading

Oyster Stew with Spinach and Tarragon


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Oyster Stew with Spinach and TarragonTradition!  Tradition!  Can you hear the music soaring?  Can you see the fiddler on the roof?  Well, Oyster Stew was a New Year’s Eve tradition in my home.  It was a simple version—butter, finely minced onion, whole milk, heavy cream, oyster and their liquor and heaps of black pepper…any oyster crackers.  Simple and simply delicious.  Continue reading

Prime Rib Perfection


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Prime Rib Perfection with Béarnaise SauceEveryone should know how and feel comfortable making Prime Rib…It is Perfection!  The process for this “perfection”, is what’s referred to as a “reverse sear”.  It produces an incredibly delicious slab of meat.  We’re talking salivatingly delicious.  Continue reading

Smoked Tea Rub for Meat


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Smoked Tea Rub for MeatWe’ve already talked about the spectacularly delicious tea, Lapsang Souchong Oolong.  It’s smoky and makes an interesting cup of tea.  But, I like to use the tea for cooking.  It is just the perfect addition to this simple dry rub for meat.  You can use it on other things, but it positively sings on beef…we’re talking a full-fledged aria.  Continue reading

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Great Dinner!


A Heap of Happy HandsThe Goddess wants to take a moment (and I do mean just a moment) to wish One and All—Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Bon Natal, Joyeux Nöel, Buon Natale, and Merry Christmas!  Yes, I know there are a ton more options, both from a linguist and religious standpoint.  But, alas the language matters not, it’s the sentiment, the warmth and the joy of the Season, whichever holiday you and yours celebrates, that matters.  Let’s join hands around our tables, look across those tables and see the best in each other.  We all need to be seen in our best light.

The hands above are those of The Middle Progeny’s family.  We welcomed a new addition, a Goddess-in-Training, if you will, this past September.  She is spectacular and spectacularly healthy.  Without a doubt she is the smartest, cutest baby in the world!  She’s loaded with personality.  I think her fist says it all, don’t you?  And, of course, we are totally unbiased.

So may blessings galore rain down on our home and family.  And may you experience untold joy and warmth this holiday season.  Now, have that second helping of whatever your heart desires!  Happy Holidays!

Bitcoin Butter-Almond Bits


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Bitcoin Butter-Almond BitsThese are rich, buttery, crunchy, caramel-y and addictive.  No one, and I mean no one, can eat just one of these.  Bitcoin Bits are candy, but they are cookie-like, too.  It doesn’t matter, because they are addictive, but in a very, very good way.  Continue reading

Cranberry Sauce with Warm, Tropical Flavors


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Cranberry Sauce with Warm, Tropical Flavors‘Tis the time of year, and as you know, The Goddess loves her cranberry sauce.  She loves homemade cranberry sauce.  She loves the stuff in the cans, too.  She’s been pining for cranberry sauce for months, so she began by making a double batch.  Hey, cranberries are only around for a short time, but cranberry sauce can be forever!  Well, almost….  Continue reading

Spicy Mexican Brownies


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Spicy Mexican BrowniesIs there anyone who doesn’t love brownies?  Really.  Is there?  But, now the big question…are you a fudgy-type or cake brownie-type of person?  I’m afraid, I’m both.  But, I definitely lean fudgy!  And these are fudgy, but with a little kick of heat at the back…Nice!  Continue reading

Bourbon Sweet Potatoes with Bacon-Pecan Topping


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Bourbon Sweet Potatoes with Bacon-Pecan ToppingSweet potatoes or yams, I honestly don’t really know the difference.  I know there is a difference.  But, if you mash ’em up with some bourbon, top ’em with bacon and pecans and a good drizzle of maple syrup…well then, I don’t think it matters one bit.  Continue reading

Hot Pepper Jelly (with a Tropical Twist)


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Hot Pepper Jelly (with a Tropical Twist)I always like to have a few jars of Hot Pepper Jelly on hand, particularly during the holiday season.  Hot Pepper Jelly is always an appreciated hostess gift.  It’s so versatile.  I love to have a bit on a cheese tray, perfect with a leg of lamb, or on a grilled cheese sandwich.  It’s a really nice glaze for chicken or pork, too.  Are you getting the impression this is a versatile sauce to have in your pantry?  You would be right…. Continue reading